Today we are going to touch on a topic that has been able to raise some roughness among members of the public transport sector. Let’s talk about VTC licenses . Also on the intermediary company Cabify , although it is the same case as its counterpart Uber and can almost be said to be the same, since the role they play is the same. And finally, the taxi sector .

About the VTC

VTC is the legal name of the type of public service authorization card that rental cars with drivers have, assigned to companies and Cabify , is an intermediary between the user and these concessionary companies of these transport authorizations.

About Cabify – Uber

Uber and Cabify are hiring platforms that carry a commission for each service performed by the car company with driver. Like many other platforms that work only with taxis in the same way.

This type of platforms can be found in App format, mobile application, you will have to download it, install it, register by filling in your tax and payment data and then you can now hire transfer services.

The interpretation that this type of companies makes on current legislation has always raised serious doubts about their intentions.

These issues have caused discomfort in the taxi sector , making several demonstrations by parts of them.


About the taxi

In the case of the taxi, the type of Card is VT. They are regulated by the town hall where they operate, the price can be closed just when entering the vehicle or by the current rate, which computes time and kms, the famous taximeter. They can be booked by phone, each location has its own radio taxi phone number. There is not always availability, for example, at night.

There are many companies with VTC licenses, these are regulated by communities. Some companies of this type can also operate through Cabify, either by contract or as a supplier in the area.


Curiosity about VTC vs Cabify vs Taxi

As a curiosity we can tell you that you can hire a VTC through , so you will ensure your transfer with total peace of mind. In addition to booking in advance you can get the best price. We remind you that the private transfer service is distinguished by privacy, security and quality.

Other services offered by VTC companies:

  • Luxury vehicles for weddings.
  • Luxury vehicles for politicians, singers, actors, etc …
  • Private transfers to the foot of the runway, yes, you have permission to enter the airport runway in case you have a private plane. Always prior notice.
  • Long distance or long distance transfers.
  • Hourly provisions.
  • Possibility to choose driver with languages.


Conclusion about VTC vs Cabify vs Taxi

And in conclusion we can say that the taxi is the most common service for short trips within the city, regulated locally by the municipality in question. Cabify is the intermediary that receives transfer reservations and is usually made by VTC companies in the same community. And finally, companies with VTC licenses that are regulated by communities, can make all kinds of transfers, upon reservation.


If you have any further questions, you can leave a comment and we will gladly answer all your questions. Remember that is a local company located in Murcia that can make your transfers in Murcia and Alicante and has the best prices.

Barcelona is the second most populous city in Spain. It has its own traditions, culture and personality. It is a European city with a wide cultural diversity, so it is very visited throughout the year. Due to the large number of people who live or visit Barcelona, ​​the traffic can become excessive. Therefore, the city council starts up areas or seasons of traffic restrictions to ensure that the city is not saturated with pollution.

Traffic restrictions in Barcelona scheduled for 2020

Barcelona continues to plan to improve the quality of its air . Currently, in full 2019, the veto to their old vehicles is activated only when the episodes of pollution are high by nitrogen oxide. However, as of January 1, 2020, there will be permanent restrictions to enter the low emission zone.

Some phases and scenarios for the implementation of these restrictions are foreseen for the access of some areas inside the oval that is formed by the rounds of Dalt and Litoral, which includes the territory of some municipalities.

Traffic restrictions in Barcelona

Veto days and schedules

During 2019, no veto measures have been applied to cars because there have been no episodes of high pollution. But from January 2020 the veto will take place from Monday to Friday between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM on weekdays. Flexibility restrictions are being studied on Fridays, since in this way car flows decrease by people leaving the city to spend the weekend outside the city.

Vehicles with restrictions

Cars affected by these traffic restrictions in Barcelona take into account the requirements for reducing gas emissions and environmental labels.

The regulations will be that vehicles that do not have an environmental label will be affected despite having the control carried out.

The gasoline vehicles registered before January 2000 will not circulate in Barcelona from Monday to Friday from 2020.


Motorcycles and vans affected

The veto affects diesel vehicles registered before the month of January 2006 . Similarly, vans registered before the month of October 1994 with regulations prior to Euro 1 will not enter the city. On the other hand, the veto will also affect mopeds and motorcycles prior to Euro 2 and without a label.


To resolve any questions regarding the vehicles affected by the restrictions, an online search engine is available from the Barcelona City Council , where you can check the legal status of your car, with its environmental classification.

So, the best thing to get around the city at any time is to get anywhere in the city quickly and comfortably. Above all, without complications of looking for nearby parking or a place in the street where to park. And without having to be aware of the situation of our car.


Many are the clients who confuse the services offered by  Mytaxi  and .  Therefore, we wanted to tell you our main differences in an article.

First of all, it is important to know that Mitaxi offers different options: taxis, transfers, car rental with private driver (VTC permit)     , Mercedes private taxi and private transfers.

Our main objective is to make available to our clients personalized services that adapt to the specific needs of each situation. For this reason, we are available throughout Spain  24 hours a day during 365 days,  being able to choose different rates and alternatives (standard, VIP, for groups …) to make the journey.

If we talk about  Mytaxi , we must emphasize that it is a taxi reservation service available in some cities of Spain based on contracting by mobile application, with taxi rates because, the service is only provided with taxis exclusively, they do not have a phone number of hiring, it is only through its application, a hiring service (not transport) very fashionable today.

Main Differences between MyTaxi and

As you may have already noticed, the main difference between Mitaxi and Mytaxi is the possibility offered by the first to arrange private transfers in advance and further customization.

It is an exclusive service that the client requests to go to a place of form má s c ómoda and pleasant as possible, including  seats for children approved  and  vehicles adapted for people in wheelchairs  or  with reduced mobility .

Mitaxi also offers private driver services, which implies that it has the possibility of hiring a vehicle for conferences and events with a driver who waits at the end of it to make both the pick-up and return to the hotel or plane. In addition, the cars used in this type of service do not carry  any identifying signal , being more sober and elegant.

The drivers, meanwhile, are professionals who arrive at the place in  uniform , resulting in a serious and tasteful image.

Transfers and transfers with private driver are used to carry out all types of transfers on  organized trips .

They are hired beforehand and the most common transfers are those that take place  from or to hotels, airports  or  train stations . The idea is to pick up the passenger in a transport that fully adapts to your agenda to take you to all the places where you need to go, being able to make  tourist routes  if so specified previously.

If what you need is a taxi, in Mytaxi you can find what you need. This platform is dedicated to putting users and taxi drivers in contact. But nevertheless,

If you want more personalized attention, offer Mitaxi will handle all that see fit: private taxi services, car rental with driver, transfer and airport transfers, VIP transfers and tourist transfers and etc é tera.

Private transfers are all that form of travel in which the client or clients contract the service in advance. These types of services are considered public transport and must be authorized in the same way as the best known transport services.

The most common is the car rental with private driver , but there are others that we will see below. Private transfers have acquired a vital importance in recent years due to the great differential value they provide with respect to public transports such as buses or subways.

¿ What a taxi?

The taxi is an authorized type of transport designed for the public service of a specific municipality (the one to which your license belongs). These are usually sleeping 4 and is intended to move people from the municipality they belong to another point in exchange for a fee economic or mica that has to be fixed obligaroriamente through a meter that marks the time and trip distance. The fare used in the taxi must be the one authorized by the city council.

Taxis are easily recognizable, they usually carry identifying symbols of the municipality to which they belong, as well as numbering. In addition, they usually wait for their customers at an authorized stop for such transports.

Sometimes it recommends hiring a taxi?

This is undoubtedly one of the most used means of transport in all cities of Spain. It is best to use them when the distance we are going to have to cover is not too large and we need to travel it immediately. One of its main benefits is its instant service , since it is really easy to find it anywhere in the cities.

It is common for taxi companies to also offer the possibility to book the service in advance . In the case of Mitaxi, this service is available to all customers throughout the year 24 hours a day through its portal

¿ What is a transfer?

A transfer is a transport service that is hired in advance and with a closed price . It is usually common in airports and hotels, as a means of transportation for scheduled trips. In addition, it is a recurring option to transfer people at corporate events, conferences and celebrations.

The cars used in the transfer service have a more sober image, without identifying signs . In addition, the drivers of these services are usually offered uniformed.

VTC Taxi Difference

Sometimes it recommends hiring a transfer?

The transfer can be used in all types of transfers, provided that the service is previously contracted.

Its most common uses are transfers to or from airports and train stations, transfers to or from hotels and passenger pick-up .

On the other hand, it also represents a good option if what we are looking for is a private transport for a great tour. Having a closed price, this is usually lower than that offered by other means of transport.

¿ What is a car rental with driver VTC?

We all know what a car rental is, but few know the possibility of doing it, in addition, with the service of a private driver so you don’t have to worry about anything else to enjoy. The rental of vehicles with driver is a great option to hire a round-trip transfer service , since the same company is responsible for your transfer because it has the discretion of transport authorization and can start services in any municipality, population or city to the destination wanted.

In addition to this, this type of transport offers greater capacity to adapt to the specific needs of each client, either company or individual. In relation to this, they have among their options the possibility of adapting the seats to minor travelers in terms of security, offering services of up to 8 seats and different types of vehicles. Thus, they are able to provide both economic and VIP services, which have high-end vehicles perfect for weddings or events.

Sometimes it recommends hiring a car rental with driver?

There are many occasions when it is interesting to rent a car with a driver. Avoid wasting time to take taxis or buses, for example. On the other hand, they are a great alternative to make transfers from or to the airport, when you need transportation in the city for several visits, private tourist visits for hours or as a means of transport in special events such as weddings, communions and conferences. It is a transport service that you adapt to your needs, a face that is very important today.

From Mitaxi, we offer transfer service, taxi and car rental with private driver to the entire Spanish peninsula.

¿ What is a shuttle?

This type of services, also called shuttles , are those means of transport that only carry out transfers from the airport to certain hotels or apartments, and vice versa, sharing the transfer with other users , usually by bus or minibus.

sometimes it recommends hiring a shuttle?

Hiring this type of service is essential for those occasions when you want to make a transfer from the airport to the hotel, or vice versa, and the distance to be covered is large. In addition, this option has a very economical price with respect to other types of services. Of course, they are also a much slower possibility and not available in all places.