Frequently Asked Questions / Faqs

We resolve the most common doubts

1. What is

It is the commercial name of TWH QUALITY SERVICES SL, a service company in the passenger transport sector, which operates through the Internet and is specialized in carrying out all types of transfers throughout the Spanish territory.

2. ¿Cuanto cuesta un traslado?

Puede consultar nuestros precios online a cualquier hora del día. Rellenando el sencillo formulario que encontrará en nuestra página principal, obtendrá rápidamente el precio de su traslado. La tarifa que indica nuestra web es el precio total de su traslado, sin ningún suplemento de última hora, salvo modificaciones que usted solicite.

3. How can I make a reservation?

To make your reservation you only have to follow three simple steps: complete the online form, carefully read the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF TRANSPORTATION CONTRACT and make payment for your reservation. Once payment is accepted, we will send you the confirmation voucher for your reservation by email.

4. How can I pay?

We accept payment through:

  • Cash payment
  • PayPal
  • Credit card (VISA/Master Card)
  • Bizum
  • Wire transfer
  • Open Company Credit account.

Once you choose your payment method, you will receive instructions by email. Once we have received payment, your reservation will be confirmed.

5. How can I contact the driver?

In the arrival hall of the airport/train station you will find a driver from TWH QUALITY SERVICES SL, holding a sign with your name. If you have any difficulty finding the driver, call us at the 24-hour Customer Service number that we provide in your reservation confirmation. Our agents will be happy to help you.

6. How long will the driver wait for us?

The driver waits 45 minutes. since the arrival of the flight. After this time, if there is no news from the passengers, the driver will leave the airport. If due to customs or luggage procedures you are delayed for more than 30 minutes. After the arrival of your flight, please contact our office at the 24-hour Customer Service telephone number that appears in your reservation confirmation to ensure that the driver is waiting for you.

7. What happens if my flight is delayed?

If your flight is delayed, don’t worry. Our staff monitors the flights. If your flight is delayed for more than 1 hour, please call our 24-hour Customer Service telephone number, which you will find in our confirmation email. If you are delayed by 2 hours or more, contact our offices to try to relocate your transfer with new schedules, but subject to availability.

8. What happens if my flight is cancelled?

If your flight is cancelled, please call our 24-hour Customer Service number. as soon as possible to reorganize your transfer with the new schedules, and do not forget to claim from your airline the cost of the transfer that you have contracted, for this reason, we send you the invoice for the contracted service. When you have new arrival dates and times, inform us and we will manage a new transfer.

9. I would like to know what type of vehicle we will travel in.

When your reservation is for a standard vehicle, we cannot guarantee the exact type of vehicle you will travel in. We will send you the best vehicle available. Perhaps for operational reasons we may send you a car with a greater passenger capacity or a higher range than the one contracted. When you hire a Premium or minivan service, the requested or higher-range vehicle will always pick you up. When the number of passengers is 5 or more, we will use minivans, micro buses and group coaches. In any case, we guarantee medium/high-range, safe, reliable and comfortable vehicles, with highly qualified professional drivers.

10. Is the transfer direct?

Yes. We offer a door to door service. We will take you directly to your destination. Occasionally due to access issues we may not be able to get to the door. In that case we will leave you as close as possible.

11. Do babies and children count?

Yes. When making your reservation you must take into account the total number of passengers, including babies and children. Remember that the use of baby seats is free and we have them in most destinations. Remember to request the type and number of chairs you need when making your reservation, up to two free of charge. In the case of maxicosi, we recommend that you travel with it, since it is not available in all destinations, and it does have a supplement on the price of the trip. This option is not available on minibus or coach transfers.

12. How much luggage can we carry?

Normally each passenger can carry one standard-sized suitcase and hand luggage. Please consult the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF TRANSPORTATION CONTRACT. If you are traveling with excess luggage (large suitcases, golf bags, diving equipment, bicycles, etc.), it is mandatory that you notify us in your reservation. Indicate this by selecting the corresponding box. If there is no specific box, please let us know using the “observations/comments” box on the reservation form. Carefully read the “Baggage” section in our GENERAL CONDITIONS OF TRANSPORTATION CONTRACT. In the case of needing a second vehicle to transport all your luggage, said additional vehicle will be paid for by travelers directly.

13. Can I make a reservation if I don’t know the exact destination address?

Yes there is no problem. Select the destination town, and in the “destination address” box insert “to be confirmed”. Once you know the exact destination address, send us an email to with this information 24 hours before the service. Remember to indicate in your email the service number that we assigned in our confirmation.

14. What happens if I travel with a wheelchair?

In most destinations we can offer the possibility of reserving a vehicle specially adapted for disabled people (subject to availability), but we can always transport a chair that can be folded and travel in the trunk of a car or minivan. Please note that in these cases the luggage capacity is reduced. You must indicate this in the “comments/requests” box of your reservation request. If you travel and need an adapted vehicle, check availability through our email and if you travel with a folding chair, for 3 people with luggage you must reserve a minivan.

15. Do I have to share the car with someone?

No, the transfers we offer are totally private. Remember that you must tell us the total number of passengers.

16. What happens if I cancel my trip?

TWH QUALITY SERVICES SL recommends carefully reading the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF TRANSPORTATION CONTRACT before making your reservation. In them you will find the advance notice allowed for a free cancellation of service.

17. What documents should I present to the driver?

You must present the reservation confirmation that you received by email to the driver.

18. What times should I indicate when making my reservation?

For journeys with ORIGIN at an airport or train station, you must indicate the time that appears on your plane/train ticket, as it is local time.

For trips with a DESTINATION to an airport or train station, you must enter the time at which you want to be picked up by the driver at the beginning of our service.

19. Does the driver speak English?

Some of our drivers speak English, but if this is not the case, we will be happy to assist you on our Customer Service telephone number with 24-hour service. You will find the number on your reservation confirmation.

20. Is drinking, smoking or eating allowed during the transfer?

No, in no case.

21. I cannot find my destination in the corresponding box on the reservation form.

If you cannot find your destination, please contact us by sending an email to and we will be happy to assist you and provide you with said destination shortly.

22. Can I modify my reservation?

Yes of course. When we confirm your reservation you are assigned a service number that you receive by email. Request your modifications by email to indicating the service number. Once we have made the changes, you will receive a new confirmation. Remember that modifications will only be accepted up to 24 hours. before your transfer. If for any reason modifications arise with less than 48 hours notice, please contact us through our 24-hour Customer Service telephone number. that we indicate together with the confirmation of your reservation.