What to see in Mazarrón in one day?

The town of Mazarrón is undoubtedly one of the tourist places that you cannot miss this vacation. Even if it is to visit in a short time, because you want to make a route through several places or because you need to make the most of every second, in order to enjoy your visit it is necessary that you know in advance everything that can be done in a day in Mazarrón.

Stay and read this post, where we have prepared a list of how you can get the most out of your visit to Mazarrón without falling into beginner mistakes and being able to leave the place with the feeling that the experience has been unique and that you will want to return in the future. We guarantee that.

What to see in Mazarron, lets go…


1. Historical and religious monuments in Mazarrón

The town of Mazarrón is one of the Spanish tourist destinations with the largest number of historical and religious monuments that you will be able to find in Murcia. 

You can plan your trip however you want, but you cannot leave Mazarrón without visiting, at least to see it from the outside, the church of San Andrés, the convent of La Purísima and, of course, the castle of the Marqués de los Vélez, as well as the Ateneo Cultural, to be able to take a historical tour that will take you from the 15th to the early 20th century. After this tour, you will return home knowing much more about the history of the region, as well as being able to obtain an excellent photo gallery to remember.


2. A getaway to the beach

As Mazarrón is a Mediterranean town par excellence, as it is, with its first line of the coast, its white houses and its sunny and maritime climate, it is essential that at least part of your stay is on the beach. You have a long coastline to choose from, with beaches like El Castellar, Grúa, Reya, Parazuelos and much more.

The most recommendable, without a doubt, the Erosiones de Bolnuevo. They are rocky structures that have been taking their current shape through the erosion of wind and water, and that resemble caves dug in the sandstone. The photos that you can take here will leave all those you show them to with envy, because the view is beautiful.


3. Some hiking in Mazarrón

For the more adventurous there is also a plan possible, of course. The natural landscape of Mazarrón is perfectly divided between the mountains and the beach, so if you’ve had enough of sunbathing and want some adventure, there’s nothing better than the Sierra de las Moreras.

Walking or cycling is really rewarding in an area that conserves its fauna and flora so well, and where you can breathe in a little bit of nature in its purest state.


4. Tourism in Mazarrón

If you are one of the most classic, and you want to take advantage of your day in the center of Mazarrón, you can also visit the most advisable tourist destinations to explore every corner of the town: Roman houses, the towers of El Molinete and Santa Isabel, the interpretation center of the Phoenician ship or, simply, let yourself be carried away by the beauty and charm of its streets, its restaurants, its shops and its people.