What to do and what to see in San Sebastián

San Sebastián , capital of Guipúzcoa, is a province located in the Basque Country known for its festivals, its gastronomy, its cobbled streets, and its beaches.

In addition, it is a town that offers its visitors hundreds of activities. So don’t lose detail if you want to know what to see in San Sebastián. We start!

What to do and what to see in San Sebastián

Delight yourself with its gastronomy

Much of the foreign tourism visits Donosti for its great beauty and its famous international cuisine.

Travelers invited to do gastronomic tourism for its extensive variety of dishes in its famous and demanded Michelin-starred restaurants , widely recommended by prestigious international gastronomic magazines. Visiting the cider houses of Astigarraga and Hernani is a very advisable experience.

Relax on its beaches

Planning a day of rest on the beach and enjoy its location in the heart of the city is a plan that you can not miss on your trip. Visit La Concha beach , mentioned as the best beach in Europe and the sixth best beach worldwide by Tripadvisor in 2017.

Surprise yourself with the marine fauna

If you love animals, a must is to go to the Aquarium. It is considered as one of the largest aquariums in Europe and that receives more tourist visits during the year. If you go with children you will have a great time!

San Sebastian tourist train

If you want to see San Sebastián in general before making a choice to know some place in depth, you can choose to take the train or the tourist bus.

Although it is best to move around the city by private taxi. Especially for comfort and time savings, essential in a city where there are so many things to see and do as is San Sebastian.

Excursions and hiking

If what you like is trekking and mountain excursions, be sure to climb to the top of the Igueldo and Urgull mountains .

The views seen from the city of San Sebastián are spectacular.

Red carpet

Attending the prestigious San Sebastian Film Festival with its top-notch film competition is an unforgettable experience.

Although it is also highly recommended to attend the Jazz festival and the celebration of the annual parties in the Donosti week in which you will enjoy its spectacular international fireworks competition.

Soak up culture

The cultural part cannot be left aside, it is essential to visit the San Telmo Museum , the Victoria Eugenia Theater and the Peine del Viento . In addition to the temporary exhibitions that take place during your visit.

Recommendation to travel to San Sebastián

If your idea is to travel to San Sebastián by plane, the best option to take 100% of the time is to select a taxi or car with a driver at San Sebastián Airport .

In this way you will make the most of your time and you can do more activities discovering San Sebastián, one of the most visited cities in Europe.

Likewise, for each trip, you can forget about the car and the complicated transport combinations. Use mitaxi.net and optimize your time.