VTC vs Cabify – Uber vs Taxi

Today we are going to touch on a topic that has been able to raise some roughness among members of the public transport sector. Let’s talk about VTC licenses . Also on the intermediary company Cabify , although it is the same case as its counterpart Uber and can almost be said to be the same, since the role they play is the same. And finally, the taxi sector .

About the VTC

VTC is the legal name of the type of public service authorization card that rental cars with drivers have, assigned to companies and Cabify , is an intermediary between the user and these concessionary companies of these transport authorizations.

About Cabify – Uber

Uber and Cabify are hiring platforms that carry a commission for each service performed by the car company with driver. Like many other platforms that work only with taxis in the same way.

This type of platforms can be found in App format, mobile application, you will have to download it, install it, register by filling in your tax and payment data and then you can now hire transfer services.

The interpretation that this type of companies makes on current legislation has always raised serious doubts about their intentions.

These issues have caused discomfort in the taxi sector , making several demonstrations by parts of them.


About the taxi

In the case of the taxi, the type of Card is VT. They are regulated by the town hall where they operate, the price can be closed just when entering the vehicle or by the current rate, which computes time and kms, the famous taximeter. They can be booked by phone, each location has its own radio taxi phone number. There is not always availability, for example, at night.

There are many companies with VTC licenses, these are regulated by communities. Some companies of this type can also operate through Cabify, either by contract or as a supplier in the area.


Curiosity about VTC vs Cabify vs Taxi

As a curiosity we can tell you that you can hire a VTC through mitaxi.net , so you will ensure your transfer with total peace of mind. In addition to booking in advance you can get the best price. We remind you that the private transfer service is distinguished by privacy, security and quality.

Other services offered by VTC companies:

  • Luxury vehicles for weddings.
  • Luxury vehicles for politicians, singers, actors, etc …
  • Private transfers to the foot of the runway, yes, you have permission to enter the airport runway in case you have a private plane. Always prior notice.
  • Long distance or long distance transfers.
  • Hourly provisions.
  • Possibility to choose driver with languages.


Conclusion about VTC vs Cabify vs Taxi

And in conclusion we can say that the taxi is the most common service for short trips within the city, regulated locally by the municipality in question. Cabify is the intermediary that receives transfer reservations and is usually made by VTC companies in the same community. And finally, companies with VTC licenses that are regulated by communities, can make all kinds of transfers, upon reservation.


If you have any further questions, you can leave a comment and we will gladly answer all your questions. Remember that mitaxi.net is a local company located in Murcia that can make your transfers in Murcia and Alicante and has the best prices.