How to get from Alicante to Torrevieja: best options

Torrevieja is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Valencian Community. Every year, thousands of visitors arrive from various parts of Europe and Spain. Given that Torrevieja doesn’t have a train station or airport, many tourists choose to travel from a more connected city like Alicante.

If you’re in Alicante and wish to visit Torrevieja, you have several options for making this journey. Below, we present the best alternatives.

How to get from Alicante to Torrevieja: all the options

If you want to travel from Alicante to Torrevieja, you can go by taxi, bus, or car.


Travelling by taxi from Alicante to Torrevieja is a practical and comfortable option, especially for those with a lot of luggage or travelling with family. On, you can book your taxi from Alicante to Torrevieja starting from 64 euros. The journey takes about 53 minutes.


Buses are a good choice for those travelling alone and looking for a more economical option. There are two different routes, one from Alicante airport and another from the city’s bus station. The first bus departs at 6:45 and the last at 22:30, with an hourly frequency. The duration is between 1:00-1:15, and the ticket costs between 4.60 and 7 euros (depending on the starting point).


You also have the option of travelling by car to reach Torrevieja, ideal if you want more flexibility. You can take the AP-7 motorway with tolls or the N-332 national road. The distance between Alicante and Torrevieja varies between 49 and 69 kilometres, depending on the route you choose. The estimated travel time is approximately one hour. The cost of travelling by car is around 6 euros.

With these options at your disposal, travelling from Alicante to Torrevieja is straightforward, allowing you to choose the alternative that best suits your needs and preferences.