How to get from Alicante to Elche: best options

In this post, we detail the various options available for travelling from Alicante to Elche. These two cities in the Valencian Community are connected by a range of transport options that facilitate the journey between them. Whether for leisure or business, getting from Alicante to Elche is straightforward thanks to the multiple alternatives available that cater to different needs and budgets.

The distance between Alicante and Elche is about 30 kilometres. Here we tell you the best ways to make this journey:

How to get from Alicante to Elche: all the options

If you wish to travel from Alicante to Elche, you can choose between taxi, bus, train, or car.


Opting for a taxi is one of the quickest and most comfortable ways to travel from Alicante to Elche. On, you can find the best prices for this service; you can book your taxi from Alicante to Elche starting at 36 euros. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes, making it an excellent option for those seeking privacy and speed.


The bus service between Alicante and Elche is frequent and economical. Buses regularly depart from Alicante’s central bus station and arrive at Elche’s bus station, ensuring a constant connection throughout the day. The price for standard tickets is 2.10 euros, and the journey time is 35 minutes. Buses run from 6:30 to 22:15 with a frequency of about 40 minutes.


The commuter train is another option for travelling between Alicante and Elche. The fare is around 4 euros, and the journey takes approximately 35 minutes. Train services offer several departures daily, from 5:45 to 22:30, with a frequency of 1 hour.


For those who prefer the independence and flexibility of road travel, driving is a viable option. The most direct route between Alicante and Elche is via the A-70 or CV-86, depending on your starting point. This car journey has an estimated time of 30 minutes and offers the opportunity to enjoy the landscape.