What to see in Cartagena

Thinking of making a getaway to Cartagena ? The first thing you should know about this Spanish city is that it is made up of different peoples and cultures that have made it have a particular charm.

So you do not miss anything on your visit to Cartagena, we have prepared a list of places to visit, places to eat and hotels to stay.

What to see in Cartagena in one day?

What you cannot miss in Cartagena is the Roman Theater Museum . In this museum you will find archaeological remains from that time, such as paintings and mosaics, Roman structures or the House of Fortune.

After visiting the museum , you can enter the Barrio del Foro Romano , which is one of the largest urban archeological parks in all of Spain. In this neighborhood you can see the remains of Carthago Nova, an ancient city , visit the Atrium Building and see some of the rooms of the Roman baths.

Another mandatory visit is the Mirador de Cartagena , from where you can enjoy amazing views that will leave you with your mouth open.


Where to eat in Cartagena?

In Cartagena, being a coastal city, what is most eaten is seafood and fish. We recommend some restaurants with very good opinions where you can taste their delicious cuisine:

The Marquesita

It is a charming family restaurant located in La Plaza Alcolea number 6. In it you can eat both seafood and meat, but gluten-free and vegan-friendly dishes are also available.

Seafood Restaurant La Marina

If you want to eat fresh seafood, La Marina is one of the best places to go for it. It is on Calle Santiago number 11, and everyone who goes agrees that the quality of their dishes is amazing.


Cartagena Beaches

After touring the city and having a good meal, it’s time to rest on a good beach. You cannot leave this municipality without visiting the following beaches:

Long Beach

It is a really beautiful beach whose wide and golden sand invite you to lie down to relax. It is very close to the beach of Negrete , so much, that you can go to that beach only by passing some rocks that separate them.

Parreño Beach

It is a fairly quiet cove because it is further away, so to get there you have to walk a little, although it is worth it. It is surrounded by rocks.


Hotels in Cartagena

If you plan to stay several days in Cartagena to enjoy the city quietly, we recommend staying at these hotels:


Hotel Sercotel Alfonso XIII

It is a 4 star hotel and recently refurbished. The decoration is quite modern, but elegant and, in addition, the rooms are soundproofed so you can rest.

It is located just 5 minutes from the tourist area of ​​Cartagena.

B&B Hotel Cartagena Cartagonova

This hotel is another accommodation where you will feel at home. It is very close to the port and is one of the most tourist areas of the city.

In summary, Cartagena is a very comfortable and pleasant city to make a relaxing getaway; Its historic center, its gastronomy and its beaches make it ideal to spend a few days off.