Traffic restrictions in Barcelona

Barcelona is the second most populous city in Spain. It has its own traditions, culture and personality. It is a European city with a wide cultural diversity, so it is very visited throughout the year. Due to the large number of people who live or visit Barcelona, ​​the traffic can become excessive. Therefore, the city council starts up areas or seasons of traffic restrictions to ensure that the city is not saturated with pollution.

Traffic restrictions in Barcelona scheduled for 2020

Barcelona continues to plan to improve the quality of its air . Currently, in full 2019, the veto to their old vehicles is activated only when the episodes of pollution are high by nitrogen oxide. However, as of January 1, 2020, there will be permanent restrictions to enter the low emission zone.

Some phases and scenarios for the implementation of these restrictions are foreseen for the access of some areas inside the oval that is formed by the rounds of Dalt and Litoral, which includes the territory of some municipalities.

Traffic restrictions in Barcelona

Veto days and schedules

During 2019, no veto measures have been applied to cars because there have been no episodes of high pollution. But from January 2020 the veto will take place from Monday to Friday between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM on weekdays. Flexibility restrictions are being studied on Fridays, since in this way car flows decrease by people leaving the city to spend the weekend outside the city.

Vehicles with restrictions

Cars affected by these traffic restrictions in Barcelona take into account the requirements for reducing gas emissions and environmental labels.

The regulations will be that vehicles that do not have an environmental label will be affected despite having the control carried out.

The gasoline vehicles registered before January 2000 will not circulate in Barcelona from Monday to Friday from 2020.


Motorcycles and vans affected

The veto affects diesel vehicles registered before the month of January 2006 . Similarly, vans registered before the month of October 1994 with regulations prior to Euro 1 will not enter the city. On the other hand, the veto will also affect mopeds and motorcycles prior to Euro 2 and without a label.


To resolve any questions regarding the vehicles affected by the restrictions, an online search engine is available from the Barcelona City Council , where you can check the legal status of your car, with its environmental classification.

So, the best thing to get around the city at any time is to get anywhere in the city quickly and comfortably. Above all, without complications of looking for nearby parking or a place in the street where to park. And without having to be aware of the situation of our car.