The best way to go to Alicante airport

Alicante is one of the points in Spain where more attractions meet in a single province. Tourist infrastructure of the best quality, business dynamism and a great climate make the province a point of attraction for people with different objectives (tourism, business, family?)

All this makes its airport one of the busiest in the country throughout the year, and although tourism is focused especially during the summer, the truth is that there is less seasonality. The air routes extend to more destinations every year and the connectivity of the city with others at national and European level is guaranteed.

Alicante airport, generally known as El Altet, is located some distance from the capital of the province, specifically 8 kilometers southwest . Its location is also very close to the second most important city in the province, Elche. So it is certainly considered as one of the reference airports in the Levante area.

But how to get to or from the airport if the nearest city is 8 kilometers away? Although there are many alternatives to go to the Alicante airport, without a doubt, the best option, whether for family tourism or for a business trip , is to opt for a professional transfer service.

The transfer service, the best option

Although the connection of the airport with Alicante is planned through the subway, the truth is that at present the only way to get to the airport is by road. In normal traffic conditions without traffic jams or other impediments, in less than 15 minutes you can reach the airport from Alicante .

And although there are other alternatives to the transfer service, the reality is that they have great disadvantages. Taking a taxi in the street to go from Alicante or Elche to the airport is usually quite expensive , especially if a large group goes and several of these vehicles are needed to transport the whole family or employees of a company.

There is also the possibility of catching a bus in the city, although it is a slower service with constant stops and a set schedule, so you have to wait to catch it. This causes that it is a little flexible service and with a bad relation quality-price.

Fortunately for all passengers, there is the option of hiring a transfer service to go from the city to the airport. Thanks to the professionalism of this type of companies, it is the best way to go to Alicante airport .

Simply contact the company, choose the starting point and report the number of people that make up the group. The company that markets the transfer service will choose the best means of transport to transfer the group to the airport and will be promptly parked and waiting for customers where it has been requested.

It is a very useful service for family travel groups where several adults, children, etc .; for groups of employees who have visited the city for business or congresses or for groups of friends on a university trip. Whatever the option where required, the most appropriate vehicle will be parked so that going to the El Altet airport does not constitute any type of problem or inconvenience.

It is an excellent value for money service that guarantees punctual pick-up to arrive at the airport with total peace of mind before catching the flight. Thanks to all its advantages, hiring a transfer service to the airport is undoubtedly the best option.