Safer Private Transfers – Move Safely With Us

Security – Confidence – Guarantee, travel safely with us

Move safely with us. Our commitment to safety is firm, we want to compensate you for the trust you have placed in us to make your transfers.

We are committed to safety, we are committed to you.

MiTaxi is aware of the new stage that we are living and that will surely last over time. As a business we have known how to adapt to the demands of our clients and this stage will not be less. We have taken measures to protect ourselves and therefore to protect our passengers, because our main objective is that you reach your destination safe and sound. You know that if you travel with us you have the best sanitary and hygienic measures.

Thorough disinfection. We disinfect all our vehicles daily, following the hygiene recommendations of the health authorities.
Equipped drivers. We facilitate the provision of material to protect and protect you. Visit the website to see how we have delivered to some of our drivers.
Protocols that take care of us. Drivers must notify through the app the protection elements they have before each day.


Tips for a safer private transfer

Our commitment to you marks the way forward. For this reason we give you some hygiene and protection tips recommended by the World Health Organization.

WHO recommends washing your hands often.

Do this every now and then, using soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub.

Protect yourself when sneezing or coughing

Use the inside of your elbow. If you prefer, use a tissue. Throw it away after use.

Make only the essential trips

Especially if you have any symptoms such as cough or fever, it is recommended that you stay home.



Cars disinfected with Ozone and washed daily.

Protected, trained and prepared driver.

Occupation and sanitation of vehicles.

MANDATORY measures for transfers

We remind you that you can travel as long as all travelers including the driver wear a mask. When getting into the vehicle it is advisable to use the disinfectant gel. If we all comply with the measures we will travel safely.

We are very attentive to comply with all legislation and regulations regarding prevention and control. You can trust us, we are at your disposal for any questions or comments.

Good trip!