Rocanrola 2023: Lineup, tickets and how to get there

The Rocanrola is a rap festival that has been held in Alicante since 2022. Following the overwhelming success of its inaugural year, it has established itself as the premier rap festival in the Spanish music scene. Moreover, in 2023, it promises to exceed all expectations, offering an immersive experience that encompasses various facets of urban art.

Beyond the music, the festival will feature performances by the finest urban athletes. From the dynamism of Basket 3×3, where street talent unfolds with every jump and basket, to the skill and passion of Skate, where participants will showcase their artistry on the board. Additionally, there will be an exhibition square, which will serve as the stage where the best urban dancers will compete against each other. In Breaking, dancers will face off in a duel without judges or rules, while in Urban Dances, they will compete one-on-one to the rhythm of the best music, representing a colour and vying for the audience’s affection. Rocanrola will also serve as a live canvas for urban artists. Graffiti will allow for the creation of large-format plastic murals using aerosols, showcasing the essence and creativity of this art form. On the other hand, Tappe Art will astonish attendees with structures created from adhesive tapes, offering organic strokes and astounding results. And for those who wish to leave their mark on the festival, the Tagging space will allow them to sign and become a permanent part of Rocanrola’s history.

With all these offerings, Rocanrola – Rap Attitude 2023 promises to be a unique experience, where music, sport, and art come together to celebrate urban culture in its highest form.

Where does the Rocanrola Festival take place?

Rocanrola 2023 will take place at the Multiespacio Rabasa in Alicante, a venue that has already proven to be the perfect setting to host thousands of rap and trap fans. With three stages, relaxation areas, a dining area that includes vegan options, and a VIP area, the festival is designed to provide an unparalleled experience.

When will this festival take place?

Rocanrola 2023 will be held from 5th to 7th October. The festival grounds will open its doors from 11:00 am.

How to get to Rocanrola

There are various options to reach Rocanrola, but the best way is via You can take a taxi with up to three other people or even a Minivan with up to 6 friends. On our website, you can book your transfer to Multiespacio Rabasa from anywhere on the peninsula. Other ways to access the festival include:

  • TRAM: Take line 2 that connects Alicante’s centre (Luceros station) with Sant Vicent del Raspeig. Alight at the Santa Isabel stop and continue on foot; you’ll arrive in about 10 minutes.
  • Bus: There are several bus lines with stops near the festival venue, such as lines 4, 8, 11H, and 24.

Additionally, the festival sells bus seats from 10 different cities (including Madrid and Barcelona) to Alicante.

2023 lineup

In Rocanrola 2023, some of Spain’s best rappers, such as Natos y Waor, SFDK, Ajax y Prok, Nach, Mala Rodríguez, Delaossa, Fernandocosta, Lil Pump, Toteking, El Chojin, and Sho-Hai, will perform.

Rocanrola 2023 lineup


You can purchase tickets online. Rocanrola sells its tickets through its official website. There are various types of tickets:

  • Day Ticket: Access for one festival day. Costs €33 on Thursday and €40.70 on Friday and Saturday.
  • General Pass: Access to the festival for all three days. Priced at €63.25.
  • Front Stage Area Pass: Pass with access to the Front Stage Area. Priced at €90.20.
  • VIP Pass: Pass with access to the VIP Area. Priced at €110.
  • Glamping: A glamping service is available for relaxation throughout the festival. Prices range between €60 and €700, depending on the type of tent you want to reserve.