Private transfer from Alicante airport, the fastest option

When visiting the province of Alicante, either in Calpe, Elche or the capital of the province, one of the factors that must be assessed is the means of transport that will be chosen to reach the area.

Although it is a well-communicated province, the best thing for a trip to this corner of the country, whether on a family tourist trip or on a business trip with office colleagues, is to choose a flight to your airport. Alicante airport is one of the 10 most important in the country and has great connectivity with other parts of the country and abroad, so it is very easy to find an economical flight from any starting point.

Another point to consider is to plan trips between the airport and the place where you will be staying during the stay in the province. Although there are forecasts of a connection between the airport and Alicante, which is about 8 kilometers away , it is not planned to make it in the short term by subway.

The buses that come and go from the city to the airport and vice versa have infinite stops and very little useful schedules for most travelers, especially if the flight arrives at night. Finding an empty taxi available at the airport seems sometimes impossible mission and also, it is rare to find taxis large enough to transport a group of 7 or 8 people.

Hire a private transfer service, the smartest option

Faced with this situation of little flexible options, with high prices and a bad value for money , an option that meets all the characteristics that a traveler wants: the private transfer service has grown exponentially in recent years .

This service is characterized by being a service that has a series of advantages that no other means of transport can match today, and the most important are those shown below:

Fast travel

If there is something that characterizes the private transfer service between the Alicante airport and the travelers destination hotel, it is the speed of travel . Having to pick up only the group that has hired you should not wait for anyone else, starting the journey as soon as the passengers ride.

In addition, going directly to the place where it has been agreed to avoid the annoying bus stops or having to go around the city to leave other people in their hotels. It is the most direct and fastest service of all that exist at the Alicante airport.


Private transfer services are very punctual . At the agreed time will be present where customers have indicated to pick them up and take them to the destination.

Comfort for travelers

It is the most comfortable service of all, since when traveling only the people of the group travel much quieter and in total confidence . Especially if there are children.

Prices suitable for groups

The value for money of a car with driver in Alicante for groups is beyond doubt. And it is that for a fairly fair price the group can enjoy the advantage of traveling in a private transfer service.

Traveling from Alicante airport to the destination in the area is much easier and faster since there are private transfer services.