León Vive la Magia: Lineup, tickets and how to get there

The city of León, Spain is truly a magical place, especially during the León Vive la Magia festival. Every corner of the city is full of magicians and illusionists, making it feel like anything is possible. The festival itself is the largest in Europe and includes some of the best magicians and illusionists in the world.

Every December, the city is filled with the wonders of the festival, including performances from world-renowned magicians and illusionists, workshops, and the chance to experience the art of the impossible. During this international magic festival, visitors can also explore the city with Magia en la Calle, a proposal that revitalises the urban environment and turns the most emblematic squares and streets into centres of artistic expression.

Whether you’re looking for an evening of awe-inspiring performances or a chance to learn the secrets of the trade, León Vive la Magia provides a truly magical experience.

Where does León Viva la Magia take place?

The International and One-Man Show will take place in the Teatro Auditorio Ciudad de León, which is located in Reyes Leoneses avenue.

The other events will take place in different parts of the city:

  • Magic Route: Teatro San Francisco, Salón de los Reyes (San Marcelo Town Hall), Espacio Vías and Palacio Conde Luna.
  • Street Magic: in the streets and squares of the city.
  • Social Magic: Hospitals, nursing homes and other groups.
  • Spaces with Magic: in bars, restaurants and hotels in León.
  • School of Magicians: Local ONCE (Luis Carmona street, 7).

When will take place?

The 19th edition of León Vive la Magia will be held between 25 December and 1 January, coinciding with Christmas.

How to get to León Vive la Magia

The best option to get to León Vive la Magia without worries is Mitaxi.net. You can go by taxi for 4 passengers or even by Minivan with up to 8 passengers. On our website you can book your transfer to León from anywhere in Spain.

You can also get to the magic festival by bus, the buses that stop near the Teatro Auditorio Ciudad de León are lines 1, 4 and E4.

León Vive la Magia 2023 lineup

León Vive la Magia 2023 will bring together some of the best magicians in the world such as Gabriel Gascón, An Ha Lim, B Unique Crew, Edgard, Mawarimichi, Violeta Zheng and Pepín Banzo.


The performances and social activities in open spaces (such as Street Magic, Social Magic and School of Magicians) are free, but to attend the others you have to pay a ticket. You can buy them online through León Viva la Magia website. The prices of each ticket are:

  • International Show: 27 euros in stalls and 23 in the circle.
  • One-man Show: 18 euros in stalls and 12 in the circle.
  • Magic Route:
    • “En busca de la magia perdida” by Fabio el Mago: 7 euros.
    • “Sólo burbuja” by 7 Bubbles: 5 euros.
    • “La cabina espiritista” by Luis Boyano y Karla: 5 euros.
    • “Magia para peques muy peques 2” by Luigi Ludus: 7 euros.
    • “Una experiencia alucinante” by Fakir Testa: 5 euros.
  • Spaces with Magic: You must make a reservation in one of the 14 establishments that will offer performances.