How to get from Valencia to Jávea: best options

In this post, we share the different options available for getting from Valencia to Jávea. Valencia, with its privileged location on the Mediterranean coast, is an ideal destination that combines rich history with modernity. From strolling along the old Turia riverbed to admiring the Quart Towers, Valencia has much to offer. Jávea, on the other hand, is a paradise with stunning coves, fine sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters, known for the Church of San Bartolomé and the Montgó Natural Park.

These two cities are separated by about 115 kilometers. Here we tell you what the best options are for making this journey:

How to go from Valencia to Jávea: all the options

If you want to go from Valencia to Jávea, you can travel by taxi, bus, train, or car.


For a comfortable and quick journey from Valencia to Jávea, the taxi is an excellent option. Although it is the most expensive method, it provides a direct and hassle-free route. On, you can book a taxi from Valencia to Jávea from 156€ with an approximate duration of 1 hour and 25 minutes. We also have minibuses for up to 30 passengers, and buses for up to 54, ideal for large groups.


Travelling by bus is an affordable and comfortable alternative. There are services from the Bus Station in Valencia, the AVE Station in Valencia, and Valencia Airport, with a destination to the Bus Station in Jávea. The ticket price costs 13.30€ from the stations and 17.15€ from the airport. The journey lasts between 2 hours and 15 minutes and 3 and a half hours (depending on the stops). There are 15 buses a day, from 7:15 to 19:35 (about one every hour).


This option involves a transfer in Gandía, as there is no direct train connection to Jávea. The itinerary begins with a train journey from Valencia to Gandía, with a daily departure around 14:00. The cost of the ticket is 3.20€ and the journey lasts approximately 1 hour. Once in Gandía, you will have to take a bus or a taxi to continue the journey to Jávea. The bus service from Gandía to Jávea costs 5€ and takes between an hour and a half and 2 hours (depending on the number of stops). There are 7 a day (2 direct), from 8:20 to 20:35.


Driving gives you the freedom to explore the coast at your own pace. The route is direct and offers beautiful views of the Mediterranean landscape. To reach your destination, you will have to follow the AP-7, heading south, until you find the indicated exit for Jávea. The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes, but may vary depending on traffic.