Carnival of Cartagena 2024: How to get there and what to do

The Cartagena Carnival 2024, declared a Regional Tourist Attraction, is one of the most important in Spain. This traditional city festival is known for its colourful parades, dances, costume contests, and the famous chirigotas, attracting both local residents and visitors from all over.

When is the Cartagena Carnival 2024?

The Cartagena Carnival will be held from the 2nd to the 13th of February 2024. During these days, the city transforms into a stage full of music, colour, and festivities.

How to get to the Cartagena Carnival?

You can reach the Cartagena Carnival in various ways, but the quickest and most comfortable way is with On our website, you can book a Taxi, VIP Transfer, or even a Minivan to get to the carnival quickly. Travel directly to Cartagena from anywhere in Spain.

What to do at the Cartagena Carnival?

The Cartagena Carnival is an event full of life and culture, offering a wide variety of activities for all visitors. Here we detail some of the most outstanding options:

Explore the parades and performances

Parades are the soul of the carnival, with vibrant floats and participants in spectacular costumes. Don’t miss:

Grand Opening Parade: The starting event, where the comparsas display all their splendour.

The Proclamation: Marks the beginning of the festivities, being a significant moment where the opening of the carnival is officially announced. This event is usually an exciting ceremony that kicks off the various carnival activities.

Street Parades of Dance Groups: Local and guest groups fill the streets with music and traditional dances.

Participate in cultural contests

The carnival is known for its contests full of creativity and humour:

Chirigotas Contest: Groups presenting humorous songs, a classic of the carnival.

Drag Queen and Choreography Contest: Events that showcase talent and creativity in the art of disguise and dance.

Activities for children and families

The carnival is also a space for family enjoyment:

Children’s Carnival: Activities designed for the little ones, including parades and games.

Mask and costume workshops: An opportunity for children to creatively engage in the festivities.

Local gastronomy and crafts

Enjoy the rich gastronomy and unique crafts of Cartagena:

Tasting of typical foods: Try the local flavours at different stalls and restaurants.

Craft markets: Find souvenirs and crafts made by local artisans.

Musical and cultural events

The Carnival offers a wide variety of musical and cultural events:

Concerts and shows: Enjoy live music and performances by local artists.

Cultural exhibitions: Learn about the history and culture of Cartagena through exhibitions and displays.

Nocturnal experiences

The fun continues after dark:

Themed parties and dances: Participate in the night parties and dances organised throughout the city.

Fireworks shows: Don’t miss the impressive fireworks displays that will light up the night sky at the close of the Carnival.

The Cartagena Carnival is an unforgettable experience that combines tradition, culture, art, and fun. It is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the incredible atmosphere of one of Spain’s most important festivals.