2024 Cadiz Carnival: How to get there and what to do

The Cadiz Carnival is one of the most important in Spain, one of the 4 that has been declared of International Tourist Interest. Celebrated with music, dance and a lot of humour, it is a unique festival that attracts tourists from all over the world. The Cadiz Carnival is a great opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the city, its gastronomy and one of the most fun festivals in Spain. In this post we tell you all the details about this carnival, as well as the best ways to enjoy it.

When does the 2024 Cadiz Carnival take place?

This year’s festivities are back to the usual dates, taking place from Thursday 8 to Sunday 18 February. However, more events are scheduled for the following two days due to the Day of Andalusia (28 February).

How to get to the Cadiz Carnival?

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What to do during the Cadiz Carnival?

During these dates, the streets of Cadiz are filled with colour, music and joy. There are many ways to take part and enjoy this carnival, from attending the group competitions and enjoying the live music, to sampling the local gastronomy and taking part in the parades.

Official Competition of Carnival Groups (COAC)

The Official Competition of Carnival Groups (COAC) is one of the most important events of the Carnival of Cádiz. This competition brings together the best choirs, comparsas, chirigotas (satirical carnival group) and quartets from the city and from all over Spain to compete in three different categories (adult, youth and children) at the Grand Falla Theatre. Each category has its own characteristics, with the chirigotas being the funniest and the comparsas the most serious and vindicative.

The winners of the COAC become the most acclaimed groups in their genre and receive a prize in recognition of their talent and effort. Participating in the COAC is an important achievement for any group and is a unique experience for participants and spectators.

The competitions began on 9 January, and the grand final for adults is held on Friday 9 February at 20:00, on the second day of the carnival. After the grand final, the street party begins. This is when the official and “illegal” groups perform in various squares and streets of the city. If you are planning to go to the carnival, you can’t miss the performances of the COAC.

COAC Tickets

Tickets are sold in stages for each phase (preliminaries, quarter-finals, semi-finals and grand final). You can buy them online on this website, or physically at the Grand Falla Theatre box office or at the Delegación de Cultura y Fiestas.

The proclamation

Saturday 10 February will be one of the most important days of the carnival, as the opening speech will take place. The Plaza de San Antonio will be the stage where Juan Manuel Braza Benítez “El Sheriff” will give the opening speech of the carnival festivities. The renowned chirigotero, will pick up the baton from Joaquín Quiñones, who was the pregonero in 2023.


Two parades will be held during the festivities. On Sunday 11 February, the Gran Cabalgata will take place, with a procession made up of floats, musical groups and various shows. This parade lasts more than 4 hours and goes along the main avenue of the city. On the last Sunday of the carnival, the Cabalgata del Humor (Parade of Humour) will be held, which goes through the historic quarter with a large number of street performers and the funniest costumes.


The 2024 Cadiz Carnival will also feature free concerts with some national stars. The performances will take place in the Plaza de San Antonio on the following dates:

  • Thursday 8th at 22:00: Pole
  • Sunday 11th at 22:00: Alvama Ice
  • Thursday 15th at 21:00: Javi Medina
  • Thursday 15th at 23:00: Riki Rivera
  • Friday 16th at 22:00: Sofía Ellar
  • Friday 16th at 23:30: DJ Valdi
  • Saturday 17th at 12:30: Luly Pampín
  • Saturday 17th at 22:00: El Arrebato
  • Saturday 17th at 23:30: Luigii López
  • Sunday 18th at 12:30: Cantajuego

You can also enjoy other activities such as costume contests, puppet theatres, markets and a light show at the closing of the carnival.