B-Side Festival: Lineup, tickets and how to get there

The B-Side Festival of Molina de Segura, one of the outstanding cultural events in the Region of Murcia, is preparing to celebrate its XVIII edition in 2023. The festival is presented as a cultural meeting point in the city of Molina de Segura, offering two days full of live music and parallel activities that will attract both locals and visitors from all over the region.

During the event, attendees will be able to enjoy activities such as the Pre-BSide, which will serve as a musical aperitif to warm up before the main festival. The BSide Tapas proposal will offer concerts in various city squares. On the other hand, the little ones will have their own space in the Baby BSide, specially designed for children to have fun and enjoy musical experiences adapted to their age. And to encourage emerging talent, the Band Competition offers a unique platform for new artists to showcase their art and passion for music. The winners of the first edition of this competition are the members of the band Edgar Allan Pop, who will have the opportunity to perform on the main stage of the festival.

Where does the B-Side Festival take place?

The B-Side Festival is held in Molina de Segura (Region of Murcia), at the Molina Events Venue (REMO). This venue has a capacity of 9,000 people.

When will this festival take place?

The 2023 B-Side Festival will be held on 15 and 16 September.

How to get to the B-Side Festival

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Other options to get to the festival are via tram or bus.

B-Side Festival 2023 lineup

The B-Side Festival 2023 will feature performances by renowned national rock artists, including Lori Meyers, Arde Bogotá, Hinds and Carlos Vudú y el Clan Jukebox.

B-Side Festival 2023 lineup
Source: https://b-sidefestival.com/


You can buy tickets online at the B-Side Festival website:

Saturday ticket: For access to the festival on the 16th. The ticket price starts at 24,90 euros (the price goes up as the tickets are sold out).