Almudena Festival: ¿How to get there and what to do?

The Almudena Festival is one of Madrid‘s most emblematic celebrations, in honour of the Virgin of Almudena, the city’s patron saint. This festivity blends tradition, religion, and culture, offering both locals and visitors a wide range of activities to enjoy. Below, we provide all the information you need to make the most of this celebration.

When is the Almudena Festival in 2023?

The Almudena Festival is celebrated on the 9th of November every year, which in 2023 will fall on a Thursday. It’s a day when Madrid dresses up to honour its patroness.

How to Get to the Almudena Festival?

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What to Do at the Almudena Festival?

The Almudena Festival offers a wide range of religious and cultural activities for all:

Religious Events

  • Floral Offerings: Traditionally, floral tributes are made to the Virgin. One of the most notable is held on the 9th of November in the evening, reserved for all women named Almudena. Additionally, attendees are asked to bring non-perishable food to donate to charitable organisations.
  • Main Mass: Held in the Almudena square, between the cathedral and the Royal Palace, on the 9th of November at 11:00, presided over by the Cardinal of Madrid.
  • Procession: After the Eucharist, the Virgin is paraded through the streets of Madrid, passing over a flower carpet crafted by the Corpus Christi Carpet Makers Association of Ponteareas, next to the Royal Palace, before returning to the cathedral.


Every year, various iconic venues in Madrid, such as the Almudena Cathedral and other cultural spaces, host concerts in honour of the Virgin of Almudena. These events typically feature symphonic bands, choirs, and other musical groups (like the Municipal Symphonic Band) performing both classical and contemporary pieces.


It’s traditional to taste the Corona de la Almudena, a sweet similar to the roscón de Reyes, but uniquely filled with cream, truffle, or chocolate. It’s distributed in the Main Square and can also be purchased at the main bakeries downtown.

Moreover, the festival is also a great opportunity to savour Madrid’s cuisine. From the traditional Madrid stew to tripe, there are options for every palate.

Traditional Attire

Madrid locals often dress as chulapos and chulapas, enjoying a purely traditional day in commemoration of the Virgin.

Stroll through the Centre

Take advantage of the festivity to tour central Madrid. You can opt for guided tours or explore the main attractions on your own.