Undoubtedly one of the most common ways to move between the airport and accommodation is through transfer services. This type of means of transport is very useful for all types of groups of travelers , whether a large family of tourists in a city or coworkers on a business trip.

Transfers to airports are not always easy, since the majority of them are distanced from the center of cities, there is usually no possibility of taking a subway or other means of public transport. These types of situations are behind the boom in transfer services for travel between hotel and airport and vice versa .

Due to the proliferation of companies that claim to offer a service of these characteristics, it is necessary to make an analysis of the key factors that must be assessed before hiring one or another company that markets transfer services . And without a doubt the most important aspects are the ones shown below:

Fleet of quality vehicles

One of the key aspects that differentiates a good transfer services company from one that is not, is its fleet of vehicles. When booking, especially if done online, it is convenient to find information about it. And it is no longer just a matter of comfort but also of personal safety .

And there are companies that offer low cost transfer services with vehicles with poor comfort and outdated, which is a real nuisance for travelers.

Experienced drivers in the area

If there is something that characterizes a quality transfer company is its chauffeur staff. Finding reviews on the internet about this issue of clients who have previously hired the services of the company being analyzed is very useful to verify that it has experienced professionals who know every corner of the area that is visited .

It is very useful for you to quickly locate the hotel that you need to go to or plan an excursion to a remote but charming place and that knows how to arrive without any impediment or doubt about it.

Experienced company

Although there are many companies that sell transfer services in any destination today, it is always convenient to opt for those companies that have more years of experience serving customers in the destination area. This will affect the knowledge of the needs of travelers in their day to day during their stay in the city.

In addition, although younger companies tend to have more modern fleets, more experienced companies have more capacity to react to possible unforeseen events such as a breakdown of the rented vehicle.

Average prices

Although it may be very tempting to opt for the cheapest transfer service to the airport, you should not forget that at a lower price it is always lower quality . Nor should we choose the most expensive company of all, since it probably does not offer a service that is worth much more than the rest.

To succeed in choosing a transfer services company, looking at the price, you must always choose those that offer a price in the area average . This avoids possible frustrations with low cost companies or paying too much for something that is not worth it in the case of those with higher prices.

Whatever the characteristics of the group you travel in, taking these factors into account will help you find the best transfer service for your destination.

When you make a flight to the airport of the Region of Murcia you have to be aware of the limitations in the existing means of transport to get out of it. In other types of airports in large cities with millions of passengers per month there are alternatives to road departure, but in smaller airports like this there is no such option .

When traveling in a group of people, either as a family for a few days on vacation or with coworkers for a business trip in the region, it is necessary to have a quick and efficient way to leave Murcia airport without losing Time more than necessary.

Book a taxi to Murcia airport

One of the options to book a taxi at Murcia airport is through professional companies that sell airport transfer services. This alternative is much faster and more punctual than starting to look for an empty taxi when leaving the airport , which if it is already complicated when traveling in a group it is even more so.

And is that the options of leaving by road are quite limited, but if you had to choose between looking for a taxi desperately in which all the members of the group fit, wait for a crowded bus to arrive or have a 7 or 8 seater taxi waiting in The door , the choice is clear.

Opting for a rental car with driver to get to Murcia quickly leave the airport to the destination is the best decision that can be made. It is especially recommended for large groups and for groups in which there are children , since they will arrive very tired of the flight and will be looking forward to arriving at the hotel to rest and eat something.

Modes of booking taxi in Murcia

To be able to book a taxi in Murcia to leave the airport towards the place where to stay there are different modalities today. Although years ago there was only the possibility of hiring this type of transfer services in Murcia through travel agencies, there are currently different options to book a taxi at the airport of the Region of Murcia:

Phone call

One of the simplest and perhaps the most traditional of all methods is to book the taxi through a phone call to the company that markets this service for this airport . In the call you can ask all kinds of questions faster than with other methods and receive a closed budget instantly.

Web page

Booking a taxi through the company’s website is also one of the fastest ways to do it. Thanks to the arrival of new technologies, you can book a taxi in a few minutes and after filling out a form in which the most relevant data will be requested to receive an offer, you pay with total security. You just have to wait for the day of arrival in Murcia and you will be waiting for the rented vehicle with your driver at the airport to pick up the group.


Another option is to contact the transfer company and rental taxis through your email. After telling you about the transportation needs of the company, you can offer a budget and a payment method. If it is to your liking, it is carried out and you are given the necessary data through email .

It is clear that the best way to leave the airport of the Region of Murcia is through the reservation of a taxi before arrival.

When visiting the province of Alicante, either in Calpe, Elche or the capital of the province, one of the factors that must be assessed is the means of transport that will be chosen to reach the area.

Although it is a well-communicated province, the best thing for a trip to this corner of the country, whether on a family tourist trip or on a business trip with office colleagues, is to choose a flight to your airport. Alicante airport is one of the 10 most important in the country and has great connectivity with other parts of the country and abroad, so it is very easy to find an economical flight from any starting point.

Another point to consider is to plan trips between the airport and the place where you will be staying during the stay in the province. Although there are forecasts of a connection between the airport and Alicante, which is about 8 kilometers away , it is not planned to make it in the short term by subway.

The buses that come and go from the city to the airport and vice versa have infinite stops and very little useful schedules for most travelers, especially if the flight arrives at night. Finding an empty taxi available at the airport seems sometimes impossible mission and also, it is rare to find taxis large enough to transport a group of 7 or 8 people.

Hire a private transfer service, the smartest option

Faced with this situation of little flexible options, with high prices and a bad value for money , an option that meets all the characteristics that a traveler wants: the private transfer service has grown exponentially in recent years .

This service is characterized by being a service that has a series of advantages that no other means of transport can match today, and the most important are those shown below:

Fast travel

If there is something that characterizes the private transfer service between the Alicante airport and the travelers destination hotel, it is the speed of travel . Having to pick up only the group that has hired you should not wait for anyone else, starting the journey as soon as the passengers ride.

In addition, going directly to the place where it has been agreed to avoid the annoying bus stops or having to go around the city to leave other people in their hotels. It is the most direct and fastest service of all that exist at the Alicante airport.


Private transfer services are very punctual . At the agreed time will be present where customers have indicated to pick them up and take them to the destination.

Comfort for travelers

It is the most comfortable service of all, since when traveling only the people of the group travel much quieter and in total confidence . Especially if there are children.

Prices suitable for groups

The value for money of a car with driver in Alicante for groups is beyond doubt. And it is that for a fairly fair price the group can enjoy the advantage of traveling in a private transfer service.

Traveling from Alicante airport to the destination in the area is much easier and faster since there are private transfer services.

When the weather is good, there is nothing better than thinking about taking a few days of vacation to enjoy the sun and the beach with family or friends. Fortunately in our country there are plenty of destinations to enjoy this type of tourism and without doubt one of the star destinations for all is to go to the coast of Valencia .

Its long beaches washed by the Mediterranean Sea are the best reward for any family or group of friends after a hard year working non-stop and with constant stress. But for everything to go correctly you have to make different plans in advance of the trip.

The most important points are to book a good hotel that has good references of guests on the internet, choose a flight with good schedules at a good price or book some excursions to fully enjoy the vacation days.

Don’t forget about traveling in Valencia

Although everything we have mentioned above is essential to enjoy a perfect holiday without frights, we must not forget that it is necessary to move around Valencia. Although there are public means of transport such as the train or the bus, they are usually quite uncomfortable, both because of the shortage of routes and schedules and because of the slow movement with countless stops.

That is why one of the most valued options for all types of tourist groups , from families on vacation to coworkers for business trips, is the car rental with driver in Valencia . These types of means of transport are the most direct way to go to any place that is needed during the trip and it is easy to book at a company that markets 7 or 8 seater taxi transfer and rental services in Valencia.

And it is that they are mainly useful for two types of displacements:

Travel between hotel and airport

When traveling by plane the best way to leave the Valencia Airport to the place where you will be staying is by hiring a rental service of a 7 or 8 seater taxi with a driver. Both for the round trip and for the return it is the fastest and most timely option to travel and the best for groups of family, friends or colleagues.

In addition, they are especially useful in groups where there are children because in means of transport such as the bus they usually get tired quickly and end up becoming capricious.

Valencia excursions

In addition to traveling between the Valencia Airport and the hotel, car rental services with drivers are essential to plan excursions to sites of interest to the people who make up the group. Knowing the hidden beaches of the Valencian coast or visiting inland villages full of charm is possible thanks to the existence of this type of transportation.

You just have to get in touch with a company that markets transfer services in 7 or 8 seater minivans to get to and from any point in Valencia quickly and economically. It is the perfect way to get around without wasting time waiting for bus schedules or being on the street waiting for a taxi to pass.

With a reservation at a serious company and after giving the necessary instructions and having faced the payment, the vehicle will be waiting promptly where it has been agreed to take the group to the requested destination .

In addition, the chauffeurs of this type of companies are usually great connoisseurs of the Levante area, so you can go on an excursion to any destination, however recondite it is without any problems and directly.

San Sebastián , capital of Guipúzcoa, is a province located in the Basque Country known for its festivals, its gastronomy, its cobbled streets, and its beaches.

In addition, it is a town that offers its visitors hundreds of activities. So don’t lose detail if you want to know what to see in San Sebastián. We start!

What to do and what to see in San Sebastián

Delight yourself with its gastronomy

Much of the foreign tourism visits Donosti for its great beauty and its famous international cuisine.

Travelers invited to do gastronomic tourism for its extensive variety of dishes in its famous and demanded Michelin-starred restaurants , widely recommended by prestigious international gastronomic magazines. Visiting the cider houses of Astigarraga and Hernani is a very advisable experience.

Relax on its beaches

Planning a day of rest on the beach and enjoy its location in the heart of the city is a plan that you can not miss on your trip. Visit La Concha beach , mentioned as the best beach in Europe and the sixth best beach worldwide by Tripadvisor in 2017.

Surprise yourself with the marine fauna

If you love animals, a must is to go to the Aquarium. It is considered as one of the largest aquariums in Europe and that receives more tourist visits during the year. If you go with children you will have a great time!

San Sebastian tourist train

If you want to see San Sebastián in general before making a choice to know some place in depth, you can choose to take the train or the tourist bus.

Although it is best to move around the city by private taxi. Especially for comfort and time savings, essential in a city where there are so many things to see and do as is San Sebastian.

Excursions and hiking

If what you like is trekking and mountain excursions, be sure to climb to the top of the Igueldo and Urgull mountains .

The views seen from the city of San Sebastián are spectacular.

Red carpet

Attending the prestigious San Sebastian Film Festival with its top-notch film competition is an unforgettable experience.

Although it is also highly recommended to attend the Jazz festival and the celebration of the annual parties in the Donosti week in which you will enjoy its spectacular international fireworks competition.

Soak up culture

The cultural part cannot be left aside, it is essential to visit the San Telmo Museum , the Victoria Eugenia Theater and the Peine del Viento . In addition to the temporary exhibitions that take place during your visit.

Recommendation to travel to San Sebastián

If your idea is to travel to San Sebastián by plane, the best option to take 100% of the time is to select a taxi or car with a driver at San Sebastián Airport .

In this way you will make the most of your time and you can do more activities discovering San Sebastián, one of the most visited cities in Europe.

Likewise, for each trip, you can forget about the car and the complicated transport combinations. Use mitaxi.net and optimize your time.


Murcia is a city with historical, cultural, artistic and culinary heritage . It is a gastronomic destination that is taking a current position because its cuisine has absorbed different influences to create its own identity, a mixture of dishes with an Andalusian, Manchego and Arabic footprint. Do you want to know where to eat in Murcia and surroundings ? Keep reading!

Murcia envelops you in its magic for its warm climate, the amount of premises that invade the region and that invite you to tapas, snacks or variety in portions with its contagious informal cuisine.

Ideas to eat in Murcia and surroundings

In Murcia you can eat in the city, but also in nearby cities or towns. The advantage is its easy access and how easy it is to move around. There are several ways to do it, although the most advisable is to use a car like those offered by https://www.mitaxi.net/ , since public transport does not have an extensive schedule. And if you like to enjoy the gastronomy paired with wine, you will not have the inconvenience of having to take the car back.

Where to eat in Murcia

If you decide to stay in Murcia, you can go to the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga or “La Plaza de las Flores” on the other side of Gran Vía. There is also “Las Tascas” with its fun university atmosphere. “Las Jarras”, one of the memorable mythical taverns of university environment where they offer you good rods and basic tapas with which one is very satisfied.

If you decide to tour the restaurants and bars around Murcia you will not regret it. Eating in Murcia is synonymous with the garden and outside the city even more. You will see that they try to maintain a link and strive to preserve the traditions of Murcia. Try their fruits, vegetables, vegetables, nuts, rice, legumes, pork, kid, rabbit, lamb, seafood and fish, without putting aside the salted fish.

Where to eat in La Manga de Murcia

The Parador of the Mar Menor

This restaurant located at number 55 of El Vivero Beach, offers Spanish, Mediterranean and European food. It also offers special diets with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options at lunch and dinner. El Parador is one of the places to eat in La Manga with the best views. Its advantages are many, since it has an outdoor terrace, parking and accepts credit cards. If you go, do not hesitate to ask for the rice with Iberian sirloin, cod, scallop toast and fideuá de perrichicos,

Where to eat in Cabo de Palos

My Recreation Site

If you are looking for a place to eat in Cabo de Palo, you can go to Plaza Bohemia in La Manga del Mar Menor. There is the restaurant El Sitio de mi Recreo , with mainly Mediterranean cuisine and focused on the Spanish product. Your menu has vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Don’t forget to try the dorado, the ox carpaccio and the tuna with onion. Its average price is € 20

Where to eat in Cabo de Mazarrón

The Bitch Girl

Located at number 21 of the promenade of Don Francisco Martínez Muñoz is the restaurant La Perra Chica. An ideal place to eat in Mazarrón. The average price of their dishes is between € 15 – € 30. This place has sea views and terrace to enjoy the good weather. If you decide to visit it, do not miss the cuttlefish croquettes, tuna tartare and mushroom carpaccio.

As you can see, in Murcia you have many options and alternatives to eat . And thanks to mitaxi.net, you no longer have excuses if you are lazy to drive, or if you prefer to eat without worrying about the inconvenience of traveling with your own car.


If we are one of those who like to spend our holidays in the south and feel a predilection for Torremolinos, Fuengirola or Benalmádena , we cannot miss the opportunity to know the mother city of all of them: Malaga . We tell you what to see in Malaga.

To talk about Malaga is to talk about a cheerful city full of beautiful corners and that, in addition, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain thanks to its climate, considered one of the cities with more hours of sunshine, beaches and gastronomic offer .

Capital of the Costa del Sol , its main points of interest are concentrated in the area of ​​the historic center, which is why the best option to travel to it, and forget about traffic and parking complications, is the rental of a car with a driver . In this way, we can tour this fantastic city in just one day without forgetting any of its essentials. Do you want to know what they are? We discover them all.

Essential in Malaga

We begin our tour of Malaga in the Central market of Atarazanas , where you can see the clear influence that Arab culture has had in this city over the centuries. We are welcomed by its imposing Nazari-style marble front door, giving way later to its spectacular interior stained glass windows.

Marqués de Larios Street

Nearby is the famous and elegant Marqués de Larios street , where during Easter the traditional processions march and which is also considered one of the most important commercial roads at European level. In it, we can find numerous shops and commercial stores until we reach the Plaza de la Constitución , an old main square located in the heart of Malaga.

Malaga Cathedral

Other essential points of interest in the historic center are the Plaza del Obispo and the Cathedral of Malaga , popularly known as “La Manquita”.

If you want to savor the incredible Malaga cuisine, there is no better place than to do it in an emblematic place, the winery-bar El Pimpi. Here we can taste tapas and local wines in a very flamenco atmosphere. Great celebrities like Paco Rabal or Antonio Banderas have their dedicated corner here.

The Alhambra of Malaga

We continue with our visit in the Roman theater, which, thanks to the reconstruction tasks, maintains its grandstand. Located there, we find the Alcazaba , considered as the Alhambra in Malaga . Old fortified citadel of the Muslim era. From its walls, we have beautiful views of the historic center of the city.

The brooch of our excursion is set by Gibralfaro Castle . In it, if we choose to visit it during the day, we can even see the coast, on clear days. Ah! On Sundays the entrance is free from 2pm.

La Malagueta and its beaches

We do not want to forget about the Malagueta neighborhood and its beach with the same name. Here we will find the seaport and a busy one kilometer walk that will take us to its other beach, that of La Caleta.

You already have enough reasons to visit Malaga . Run, book your car with a driver, forget about messes, and you won’t regret knowing her. Surely you will repeat!


Thinking of making a getaway to Cartagena ? The first thing you should know about this Spanish city is that it is made up of different peoples and cultures that have made it have a particular charm.

So you do not miss anything on your visit to Cartagena, we have prepared a list of places to visit, places to eat and hotels to stay.

What to see in Cartagena in one day?

What you cannot miss in Cartagena is the Roman Theater Museum . In this museum you will find archaeological remains from that time, such as paintings and mosaics, Roman structures or the House of Fortune.

After visiting the museum , you can enter the Barrio del Foro Romano , which is one of the largest urban archeological parks in all of Spain. In this neighborhood you can see the remains of Carthago Nova, an ancient city , visit the Atrium Building and see some of the rooms of the Roman baths.

Another mandatory visit is the Mirador de Cartagena , from where you can enjoy amazing views that will leave you with your mouth open.


Where to eat in Cartagena?

In Cartagena, being a coastal city, what is most eaten is seafood and fish. We recommend some restaurants with very good opinions where you can taste their delicious cuisine:

The Marquesita

It is a charming family restaurant located in La Plaza Alcolea number 6. In it you can eat both seafood and meat, but gluten-free and vegan-friendly dishes are also available.

Seafood Restaurant La Marina

If you want to eat fresh seafood, La Marina is one of the best places to go for it. It is on Calle Santiago number 11, and everyone who goes agrees that the quality of their dishes is amazing.


Cartagena Beaches

After touring the city and having a good meal, it’s time to rest on a good beach. You cannot leave this municipality without visiting the following beaches:

Long Beach

It is a really beautiful beach whose wide and golden sand invite you to lie down to relax. It is very close to the beach of Negrete , so much, that you can go to that beach only by passing some rocks that separate them.

Parreño Beach

It is a fairly quiet cove because it is further away, so to get there you have to walk a little, although it is worth it. It is surrounded by rocks.


Hotels in Cartagena

If you plan to stay several days in Cartagena to enjoy the city quietly, we recommend staying at these hotels:


Hotel Sercotel Alfonso XIII

It is a 4 star hotel and recently refurbished. The decoration is quite modern, but elegant and, in addition, the rooms are soundproofed so you can rest.

It is located just 5 minutes from the tourist area of ​​Cartagena.

B&B Hotel Cartagena Cartagonova

This hotel is another accommodation where you will feel at home. It is very close to the port and is one of the most tourist areas of the city.

In summary, Cartagena is a very comfortable and pleasant city to make a relaxing getaway; Its historic center, its gastronomy and its beaches make it ideal to spend a few days off.



After a few days of enjoying sun and beach on the Alicante coast, it’s time to go home; Why not take advantage of that day back to get to know the city of Alicante?

There are many things to do in Alicante. A pleasant walk, a little shopping for souvenirs or some local fashion, and a good farewell rice.

The pearl of the Mediterranean offers us endless possibilities to enjoy an unforgettable day. And we have very varied and desirable options to satisfy any type of audience.

The first thing to keep in mind, if we want to make the most of our time, is to ensure from the beginning the transfer to the Alicante airport .

It is better not to tempt fate and rely from the beginning on a serious service, which guarantees us the trip to the airport from anywhere in the city. A company that is at our disposal at the exact time we need it to make the most of the day.

What to see in Alicante in one day

Alicante airport has gained a lot of passenger volume in recent years thanks to low cost companies and it is better to have this circumstance well covered.

What to see in Alicante in one day?

If you have a day to visit this city and want to know what your strengths are, read on. The highlight of this city, how could it be otherwise, is in its maritime facade.

It has an elegant marina , which has been on several occasions the starting point of the prestigious Volvo Ocean Race competition. It has two commercial areas in the docks of the east and west, where we can find all kinds of places for leisure and catering.

The promenade of the port, always busy, offers magnificent sea views, with luxurious yachts in the background.

Right next door, we have the emblematic Playa del Postiguet , the most central and beloved by Alicante. From there we observe the view of the urban profile par excellence, the silhouette of the imposing Santa Barbara Castle , rising in front of the sea.

We can access it from an elevator located at its base. It is a mandatory visit, because from above you have a panoramic that is difficult to forget.

In the immediate vicinity, there is also the Paseo de la Explanada , which with its palm trees and its incredible mosaic of tiles drawing waves on the ground is another of the most mythical prints of the capital.

From this walk and after contemplating the beautiful Carbonell House , we can enter the most central and busy area.

Less than 10 minutes we have Maissonave Avenue , the golden mile of the Alicante trade.

Nearby are also other urban landmarks, such as the Plaza de los Luceros, the heart of the capital, as well as other avenues, such as Alfonso X el Sabio and the Rambla de Méndez Núñez, which complete the commercial expansion circuit.

If you have time, a visit to MARQ , one of the most important archaeological museums in Spain, with many Greco-Roman pieces is highly recommended . Visiting this museum taking into account where we are and the history of the environment can be an unforgettable experience.

Where to eat in Alicante?

Although it sounds topical, it has always been said that rice in Valencia grows, but in Alicante it is cooked. It would be a crime to leave without tasting any of the most delicious fish and seafood paellas in the country.

Anyway, if you are one of those who does not like paella, we can also find, as it could not be otherwise, grills, Italians, tapas areas and all the gastronomic variety we need.

The most outstanding restaurant areas, we will find in the port, in Playa de San Juan and above all, in the area of ​​the Old Town. Here we can enjoy a spectacular and lively street atmosphere on weekends, motivated by the famous “afternoon”, of which Alicante was a pioneer.